Acting Against Anti-Semitism in Youth Work and Education

Education in Germany – Encounter with Israel

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About the Project

Negative attributions, conspiracy theories, and incitement against Jews reveal the continuous presence of anti-Semitic attitudes in the German society. Strengthening the belief that personal encoun ters break down and question existing or unconscious prejudices, the German-Israeli Youth Exchange wishes to intensify the professional discourse on anti-discrimination work and place the impact against anti-Semitism even stronger in the center of the bilateral cooperation. Against the background of the history of National Socialism and the increasing anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli resentments in Germany today, the project “Acting Against Anti-Semitism” underlines the goal to strengthen the scope for action against anti-Semitism bilaterally and connect the educational work on anti-Semitism with the German-Israeli cooperation and exchange projects.

Goals and Objectives

The project aims at the qualification of professionals in dealing with anti-Semitism within the field of youth work and education in Germany.

The project will offer the participants the frame to:

  • Gain knowledge, self-reflection and a change of perspectives on the topic of anti-Semitism
  • Get to know handling strategies, methods and educational activities in dealing with anti-Semitism in youth work
  • Combine the gained expertise in Germany with professional encounters in the diverse society of Israel
  • Enable professionals in Germany to encourage future engagement and interest of their local youth towards Israel.

Project Modules

  • 5-day discourse seminar for the qualification of educators in Germany
  • 7-day encounter project in Israel, after the completion of the first project module in Germany
  • Round tables with experts and projects of educational work against anti-Semitism in Germany
  • Establishment of a network between professionals of educational work against anti-Semitism and exchange work with Israel
  • Creation of partnerships for German-Israeli exchange projects

The model project “Acting Against Anti-Semitism in Youth Work and Education” is funded in 2020–2022 by the Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Antisemitism. The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth supports the continuation of the project by providing supplementary funding for further project modules. The project is implemented by ConAct – Coordination Center for German-Israeli Youth Exchange in cooperation with the Israel Youth Exchange Authority.